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Perfect Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to find a unique, special gift for a woman who seems to have everything. This article is going to take the stress away from this gift giving challenge and help you find ways of giving her gifts that will melt her heart!

The most important thing to pay attention to when picking out gifts for women is what kind of things they like. That seems like an easy place to begin. Does she collect things? Picking an item that will enhance a collection she has been working on will always be a welcome gift. How about going one step further with that, and enroll her in a “collection of the month club”. Most of today’s popular items being collected have programs for this.

What hobbies does she enjoy? Get something that will make her hobby more enjoyable for her. For example, if she travels, get a nice leather carry on bag. Then fill the bag with luxury spa items to help her unwind at her destination. To make it even more special, include some chocolate or other travel snacks that she can enjoy during her trip.

What is her lifestyle like? Career oriented women will always appreciate luxury items for their desk or office. A desktop fountain is beautiful and continues to give her the gift of stress reduction by providing the soothing sound of water. Another wonderful idea is a picture, of you of course! Get a gorgeous frame that will fit on her desk or locker. To make that idea even more unique, include her pets and/or children in the picture with you. She will love to look at that when she is at work and will also enjoy showing it off! A word of caution though, if the gift you are buying is for your sweetheart on Valentines Day or an Anniversary more personal/intimate gifts are required.

Speaking of romantic occasions, you can never go wrong with jewelry, flowers, and chocolate! For a unique gift, get flowers and candles, put them in the bathroom and get her a luxury spa set. Use the products from the spa set on her yourself. With the candles lit and the smell of flowers in the air, take your time and bathe her in luxury. After that, every time she uses the spa products, she will also have the gift of a very special memory to enjoy!

When picking jewelry out for a woman, always keep her style in mind. If she is conservative, buy more conservative jewelry, such as pearls. For a more unique twist, gift her with black pearls, or other colors that would be special for her. If she’s more on the wild side, get trendier jewelry. A belly chain might be a fun idea! To make giving a jewelry gift more special, plan an event. For giving her fine jewelry, such as gold or diamonds, take her to a nice restaurant. Or, go on a picnic, even in your own living room and give her more casual jewelry. Every time she puts the jewelry on, she will remember the special time you shared together.

Comfort items are always a sure bet. A very unique gift would be a tea stone that she can cherish and enjoy for years to come. This is a great gift idea if you are looking for something for your mother, sister, or coworker. Pick a stone that is special to her, or her birthstone. Get some loose tea to include with the gift so she can enjoy it right away. Better still; include a teacup and saucer, or even a cozy comforter that she can wrap up in while she enjoys her tea. This is a gift that will put a smile on her face and improve her health!

Gift baskets make a perfect gift for every woman! They are general by nature, so if you are getting one for your romantic partner, include an event along with the basket. Have the event fit the theme of the basket. If it’s a spa basket, give her a full body massage along with it. If it’s a gourmet food basket, prepare the treats and hand feed them to her at a candle lit table. If it’s a romantic gift basket, let your own imagination tell you what to do with that one!

I hope this article inspires your creativity and reduces some of the stress of gift giving away. The last idea I’m going to leave you with is to keep a calendar of special events that you need to have gifts ready for. Start to look for and plan your gift giving at least two weeks before the event so you have time to find the perfect gift for her. If you are shopping online, you may want to start even a month in advance. Some items are special order, or you might want to get them engraved and will need the extra time to plan on this.

Remember the best gift of all is the time and attention you give her. Those are some gifts that no women will ever be able to resist! If you would like more suggestions, or help planning a special gift for the women in your life, please email me anytime.

About the Author:
Tracy Togliatti is a Registered Reiki Master through the Global Reiki Association and an Energy Psychology Practitioner. Tracy is also acting Director of , where she offers a Free Advice service and free email Reiki lessons. You may contact her anytime here

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