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Golf Etiquette Basics

Every professional activity has its own set of etiquette and mannerisms, and following these set of basic rules will add more discipline into the life of people. Like any other sports and games, even golf has its own set of etiquette and mannerisms. Here are some of the most basic set of etiquette suggested for a golfer:

Make sure that you never leave you ball in the hole after making a putt. Often other golfers perceive that their ball will not fit into the hole, if there is another ball already in the hole. After trying a putt near the hole, never leave the ball near there. You may wish to mark the spot of the ball with coin or a marker. By doing so, you'll stop distracting others with your intruding ball. Don't make a fellow golfer to pay a penalty of 2 strokes because of your mistake. Never stand directly behind another player's intended target line, as this is a clear violation of the guidelines. When playing with others for the first time, be clear how to compliment on their play and their methods. Never be too critical of their play, as you never know how they actually play.

Silence is golden! Stop talking loudly, when someone else is playing their shots. Respect their privacy at any cost. Obtrusive movements and sudden shifting of body may adversely affect other golfers. Never create any obtrusive body movements which disturb other people. Always stand away from the other player's line of sight, so that your presence will not disturb them. Step away from the other player, so that you will fall out of the range of the club of the other player. See that your shadow is also not disturbing other player. Be still when the other golfer is making the shot. While walking, make sure that you're keeping away from the line of sight of the partner. Never stand too close to the rim of the hole, as it may make the hole to collapse. While climbing out of the deep bunkers, make sure that you're getting out of the shallow face of the bunkers. When you climb up the steepest part, you may drag too much dirt along the way. Keep your movements restricted to a minimum till the other player has played the shot.

Never hit other people with your shot. Ascertain that there are no people in front of your line of shot. While on the tee, see that you play last till all other players ahead of you have played their second shots. On third par, wait until the others have cleared the green. Be careful how you swing back or follow through your club and never hit until all the people have cleared out. Abide by all the local rules and customs. Follow your dress code and be impeccable in your attire. Pay up your fees and give way to a group of people playing. Never make you green dirty and clear out your trails by repairing the pitch mark.

Author, Danny DeMichele recommends for golfing tips'

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