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Importance of Golf Etiquette

Golf is a game of skill and etiquette that are both equally important. To many people the etiquette is the most important part of the game. Skill is based on practice and talent, but everyone is capable of proper etiquette. The key to great etiquette is knowing the rules and using them every time you play. That way you will not forget them when it is important. The etiquette of begins before you have even arrived at the course. Dress is very important. Athletic clothing is prohibited, unless you are just messing around at the local public course. Pants or shorts must have belt loops and no cuffs. You shirt must have a collar; polo style shirts are a popular choice. Most golf courses now prefer that you wear shoes with rubber spikes instead.

It is polite to arrive about 20 minutes early to allow everyone to partner up and get organized. If you would like to hit some balls before the match, you can arrive earlier and practice at the driving range. When you reach the first tee it is appropriate for the person with the lowest handicap to tee off first. From the tee each person furthest from the hole should hit respectively. If players that are sharing a cart hit their ball to opposite sides of the fairway, one player should be dropped off at his ball with a couple of clubs. All divots should be replaced with sand and the removed grass.

On the green, the furthest from the hole still hits respectively. You should never cross the path of someone's ball. Either step over the path or go behind the path. This ensures that your footprint does not alter the path. If your ball is near or in the path of another ball, you must place a marker in front of your ball and remove it from the green until it is your turn to putt.

Other than these specific rules, always follow general safety guidelines. Never hit the ball if someone is near its path, and always stand far enough away from someone swinging a club to give them ample room. The most important thing to remember is to respect your fellow golfers and enjoy the game.

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