Campground Etiquette: Five Rules RVers Shouldn’t Break

Over the last few decades, the rules of etiquette have slowly withered away in most segments of life. One place that RVers should still pay attention to these rules though is when it comes to campground etiquette. No one wants to be the unpopular or looked-down-upon campers in a campground, and one sure way to make sure it isn’t you is to respect others and follow some basic rules.

Respect Their Space

For the duration that you and other campers are in a specific campground, the campsite you are in is your space. When you are walking over to someone else’s space, be respectful and don’t just barge in, but try and draw their attention with a wave and keep your distance until you are invited in. Respecting the space of other attendees of the campground also means not allowing your trash to blow into, your children to run amok in, or other debris of yours to intrude into their campsite uninvited.

Your Campfire Is Not A Garbage Can

While a blazing campfire is one of the perks of camping, whether in a RV park or a forested campground, it isn’t fun if there are some leftovers from the previous campers sitting in the fire pit. While paper plates and cardboard food wrappers burn easily, make sure that you place aluminum cans, glass bottles, and unused food in the proper trash receptacles. You don’t want to put a damper on the next RVers who use that spot because they first have to clean up after you.

If You Are Arriving Late… Shhh!

Different travel plans and unexpected happenings can cause some RVers to arrive late at their campsite. If you are pulling in after quiet hours, do your best to be as respectful as possible and try to make the littlest noise you can. Some noise is unavoidable, but anything you don’t absolutely need done that night before going to bed should be saved to do in the morning.

RV Alignment

Most campgrounds have a specific set up to how they prefer the RVs pulling in there to park. Most often this is easy to figure out based on the location of a concrete pad or the electric and sewer hookups. Sometimes it isn’t as clear though. In those situation, seek help before guessing on how you should park. If all of the other guests at the campground are parked a certain way, then it would be most convenient to everyone (you included), if you park that way too.

Follow The Rules

The simple truth is that though you are paying for a campsite, the campground is not yours. Whether made available to you on paper, or on signage posted around the campground, do your best to follow the rules. This is true even if those around you are not. The campground has rules in place to make life easier and more convenient for everyone. If you don’t like the rules, feel free to move on down the road to the next campground.

Enjoying the RV lifestyle is easy. Driving down the road and seeing the country at your own pace, deciding when and where to stop on your own, and changing your plans in the middle of your trip are all great parts of owning an RV. When you pull into a campground for the night though, it is no longer all about you. Respect the ownership of the campground and your fellow RVers by following the rules and paying attention to campground etiquette.

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2 Responses to “Campground Etiquette: Five Rules RVers Shouldn’t Break”
  1. says:

    Excellent advice. One other area could be included (or the subject of another post) and that is etiquette for pet owners. Pet owners who don’t follow simple courtesies like picking up after their pets can give a campground owner a reason to ban or limit pets.

    Jaimie Hall Bruzenak
    RV lifestyle expert
    Jaimie Hall BruzenakĀ“s last blog … My ComLuv Profile

  2. Miss E says:

    Hey Jaimie:

    Thanks for stopping by and your comments. The Pet Etiquette suggestion is a good one! If you would like to submit an article on the topic, feel free to do so — just click the Submit Articles tab at the top of every page. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for additional information on the topic to add to the site.

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