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Holiday Tipping Tipsheet

Here's a guide to tipping service providers during the holidays - pass it on!

POSTAL CARRIER - $20 is nice, but many people leave more. Leave your tip in an envelope with a card addressed to your postal carrier (by name if you know it, otherwise MY POSTAL CARRIER) - cash is best.

CLEANING PERSON - One typical visit's equivalent is standard. In other words, if the cost is usually $100 when the cleaning person comes, leave $100 for his or her holiday tip, in a card, in an envelope, where s/he can easily see it.

HAIRSTYLIST - One visit's equivalent is standard here too. Of course, you're likely to see your hairstylist, so simply include the tip as you pay for your last visit of the year.

HANDYMAN (OR WOMAN) - If you regularly use a handyperson, a typical visit's equivalent is the standard holiday tip.

WASTE COLLECTORS - Leave an envelope with a card, and cash, in it for your trash collectors or watch for the truck and run out to meet them. Twenty dollars is a good amount (multiply that by all the houses they service) or even a little more.

NANNY OR CAREGIVER - Your nanny or children's caregiver is, one hopes, an extension of your family. Tip him or her a week's pay in an envelope, with a card, and hand it over in person. It is nice to purchase a hand-picked gift, also, because of the special role this person plays in your life. Liz Ryan - EzineArticles Expert Author

About the Author:
Liz Ryan is a workplace and work/life expert based in Boulder, Colorado. She leads the global online network WorldWIT () with over 40 thousand members in 80 chapters.

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